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Italian Hospitality

The Italian Hospitality mark is a certification promoted by IS.NA.RT scpa - National Institute for Tourism Research and Chambers of Commerce, to stimulate the supply of quality in Italy . The companies that achieve this recognition have chosen quality as a key objective , and each year they decide to questioning by undergoing assessments conducted by external staff to the facilities themselves. Evaluations are subject to Provincial Commissions , composed of representatives to a minimum of the Chamber of Commerce, trade associations , consumers and experts ISNART acting granting certification Italian Hospitality .

Although many companies visited and analyzed voting had good or sufficient , only those who have obtained a high score are eligible to display the logo " Italian Hospitality " because this label is only awarded to those exercises that provide an excellent .

Italian Hospitality mark then provides to current and potential clients an objective assessment of the level of service offered and is a guarantee for both merchants and tourists : visibility , clarity of image , quality assurance , ease of choice, sharing the system of values ​​between those who offer and those who buy . The set of companies united under the common logo " Italian Hospitality " allows us finally to communicate to potential customers the efforts of all these companies to quality and this choice (and with it the concept of protection ) represents an opportunity and a challenge for the entire Italian tourism system .

Hotels, restaurants , cottages, bathing facilities , camp sites that display the Italian Hospitality provide a summary of the highest standards of hospitality and service and a fair value price for a stay of complete satisfaction.